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ireland weed legalisation

August 2, 2021by synergycannabis
Will Irish Government ever legalize  weed?

ireland weed legalisation, At this stage in the game, I don’t understand why they don’t just legalise weed. Seriously.

The more I think about it, the more marijuana seems like the solution to most of the Government’s problems. Buy Belle Berries strains, Lemon trees marijuana strains,

You want people to stay at home? Here’s a substance that makes you want to curl up under a blanket and watch old Simpsons episodes.

Trying to curtail a mental health crisis? Here — this is something that everyone in California is using to treat their anxiety, insomnia and depression. Buy weed online ireland,

Worried about the economy? The Irish are a nation so prone to novelty spending that we have managed to put a donut shop on every street and they all seem to thrive. If we’re willing to part with €5 for rapidly staling pastry. Then can you imagine what business a weed dispensary would do? Buy Medical marijuana europe,

Where to buy weed in Ireland,

Plainly, I don’t understand a society where whisky is legal but marijuana isn’t. At this point, I think we’ve all had the Friday night tantrum. Where, at about 10 o’clock, legalisation your valiant struggles to differentiate the week from the weekend by pouring a double measure of gin has devolved into you sulking on the couch, legalisation clutching a crystal tumbler in your hand like Norma Desmond, shouting about how you were once considered a great beauty. “How about we have a disco…. In the living room!” you plea to the person living with you. You are the under-stimulated, over-excited toddler that just wants to draw on the wall with lipstick. This cannot be good for society. Please, let’s just give everyone a bong. Hybrid strain.  legalisation

The more I think about this, the clearer it is to me that the knock-on legalisation effects for society would be brilliant. Allow me to take you through it. Australian Weed delivery from Europe.

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1. A return to Village Shoppe culture. In the US, I’m told that weed dispensaries are at big shiny buildings, like iPhone stores, where neatly trimmed young men recommend you weed gummies with the sage reverence of a monk. In Amsterdam, it’s more of a cafe culture, where you are supposed to sit around, drink coffee, and start another Enlightenment. It seems every culture brings its own unique spin on its weed dealing, and so it only makes sense that Ireland comes into the game with old school siopadóireacht energy. You walk into your local weed dispensary and it’s basically a Maeve Binchy novel. There’s a large counter, legalisation an old woman behind the till, and everything is brown. She tuts fondly as she recommends her wares: “Are you the youngest Murphy fella? And is your brother Pat still in America? I remember Pat coming in here for his lolly when he was your age, ah, lovely blonde head of hair on him, and your lovely mother, always with a smile for you. Now pet, are you looking for a mellow high or more of a buzz?, Buy lsd blotters.

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