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About Dosi Planet

Firstly,  Dosi Planet is a powerful Sativa-predominant half breed strain of cannabis initially filled in the United States. Dosi Planet is credited to a cannabis organization in. Portland known as Archive Seed Bank, that has been filling in notoriety as of late.

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How  ever, To make this magnificent little piece of cannabis goodness, they needed to cross Do-Si-Dos with Face Off OG. The name is a conspicuous mixing of these two parent strains.

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however Dosi Planet additionally mixes the actual perspectives and the kind of high that its parent strains produce.

THC fixations in this strain differ profoundly dependent on states of the developing and restoring measures, yet you ought to anticipate a focus close to 24% by and large.

Actually, Dosi Planet blossoms are very engaging, which may be the reason you can’t get your hands on any. Most dispensaries that stock the strain are probably going to run out rapidly because of its pack allure and clique following.

Dosi Planet plants produce amazingly one of a kind looking, nearly yellow nugs. They are thick to the touch, yet somewhat springy close by. Buy Cali Weed online Ireland, Buy Cali Tins in Ireland, Buy California Weed in Europe, Dublin, Cork, Sword, Galway, Limerick, Waterford

These backwoods green blossoms are shrouded in winding orange hairs and a thick layer of gem trichomes. These trichomes are practically gold in shading, which make the bud look like minimal gold chunks the excavators may have found prospecting.

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