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Purple Lemon Haze

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A Sativa-dominant hybrid of the classic Purps and the infamous Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze).

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Purple Lemon Haze

Firstly, Buy THC Cannabis Ballyshannon. You’re acting odd, but you’re not sure why. It might be related to the powerful Purple Haze you just consumed. Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that gets its name from. Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 song as well as its genetic background. This flower is believed to be a unique variation of the common Haze strain, while other cannabis connoisseurs believe it to be a hybrid of Haze and an unidentified purple-flowering indica. In any event, the bud has a rich, berry-like flavor and has an effect that stimulates the mind.
Purple Haze is a chatty strain that makes an excellent conversation starter in addition to having high bag appeal. Warning: this strain can be quite potent and disorienting for first-timers to cannabis.
Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor
With medium to large flowers that keep a spade-like appearance, tapering down from a broad base to a pointed tip, Purple Haze immediately appeals to the eye.

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In keeping with their sativa roots, these buds have a loose structure. With their center stems and soft, fluffy-looking leaves spiraling loosely outward. The leaves themselves are a patchwork of the rich purple that lends this strain its name and mossy green that complements it. Finally, the trichomes that cover these blossoms are what gives them their psychoactivity.
Purple Haze blossoms have a musty, dank aroma when they are mature. When inhaled again, some tangy, berry-tinged flavors emerge. Fans of Haze will be familiar with. The herbal scent released when these blossoms are crushed or dissected. When used in a pipe or a joint, Purple Haze produces a very smooth smoke that is simple to consume.

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On exhalation, the smoke has a sweet, hashy flavor. Notably, this strain has no detectable grape flavors despite being purple. This is because the pigments that define its color do not also affect its flavor. Buy THC Cannabis Ballyshannon, Order THC Cannabis Donegal, Buy Marijuana edibles Dublin. Buy THC Vape pen Loughrea, Buy THC Edibles Cork Ireland
After consumers inhale its delectable smoke, Purple Haze usually begins to work its magic. This sativa strain, like many others, immediately hits the brain, causing side effects like a small pressure in the temples or a flushing of the cheeks. However, as these strange sensations pass, individuals are given access to a higher level of thought, where thoughts hop about freely and form unexpected new connections. Certain ideas or thoughts may seem more interesting to the consumer than they could otherwise – and they may not seem all that interesting to onlookers who aren’t under the same impact.

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As a result, Purple Haze can pique interest in discourse in social settings among like-minded individuals, acting as an icebreaker even when used among strangers. A hefty job, whether it’s open-ended and creative or comprises of challenging analytical duties, may be easier to handle for those who aren’t overpowered by Purple Haze‘s intellectual activity. After a while, this strain’s physical side can start to emerge.
But this body high is exciting and a little weird, not calming the user and taking away the buzzy effects of Purple Haze. Smokers may have a new sense of grounding or a new connection to their bodies. This bud is a fantastic method to enjoy activities that require both the body and the mind, like exercise or gaming, because of the eventual mix of physical and mental properties it possesses. Purple Haze may even function as an effective aphrodisiac in the appropriate setting and with the appropriate company. Although this strain isn’t likely to make you crash and isn’t advised for use before bedtime, you might notice a decline in energy as the high wears off after a few hours.
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Patients who use medical cannabis can benefit from Purple Haze’s positive benefits as well. The strain’s cerebral characteristics can support sustained focus on single tasks for people with attention deficit problems. Its alterations of mood may also momentarily lessen minor depressive or stress symptoms. Physically, the stress might relieve minor inflammatory symptoms like cramping or headaches. Purple Haze is not a suitable choice for people who are prone to panic or paranoia because it tends to produce pretty strong patterns of repetitive thinking.

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