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Royal Kush Strain

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Sativa-dominant (60%)
Earthy, Spicy, Woody
Relaxed, Calming, Sociable, Cerebral
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Royal Kush

Firstly, Buy THC Cannabis in Carrick-on-Suir. Royal Kush is a hybrid that is primarily indica and carries the illustrious genetics of two legendary strains. The flavor-focused strain Royal Kush was developed by G13 Labs, a European seed business best known for its flavor-focused hybrids including Skunk #1 and Afghani indica landrace.
This strain is perfect for mellow bedtime use since it has relaxing physiological effects and a blissful, dreamy high. The cannabis testing facility Analytical 360 reports that THC levels in Royal Kush flowers range from 15% to 25%.
The medium to large flowers in this outstanding variety develop into elongated, hefty buds. The buds are tightly packed, as is the case with many other indica types. The leaves have threads of yellowish pistils and are a brilliant spring green.
Purple hues can also be seen in some genotypes, which are caused by the plant’s anthocyanin pigments being stirred up by abnormally cold temperatures while they are growing. Buy THC Cannabis in Carrick-on-Suir. The cured buds have a very sticky, resinous texture that makes them challenging to break apart by hand.
Milky white trichomes cover the exterior surfaces and inner crevices of the blooms. Afghani, the parent strain of Royal Kush, has a strong incense scent with hints of pine and sandalwood. These smells have a sour, citrus-like undertone. This strain emits smoke that, for an indica, may seem astonishingly smooth when it is burned.
Users will taste a skunky-sweet flavor with a hint of fruit on the exhale. Royal Kush is notable for lacking any taste of grape or berry; the pigments that give this strain its purple hue do not have a similar impact on its flavor.
Similar to Skunk #1, this strain is extremely pungent; users should double bag their bud and consume it in secluded areas. Buy THC Cannabis in Carrick-on-Suir, Buy THC Vape pen Tipperary. Buy THC oil Carrick-on-Suir, Marijuana edibles for sale Macroom, Order THC oil Cork
Royal AK: AK-47 Fit For Royalty

Royal AK is an excellent representation of the cannabis strain AK-47. Known for its soaring effect and high yields, it’s a mostly sativa strain that has been upgraded from the original.

Although slightly harsh on the throat, it has a spicy aroma and pine-wood taste that bears testament to its sativa dominance.

Effects aren’t paralyzing in the least bit; instead, users feel mentally stimulated and also physically relaxed after blazing. Buy THC Vape pen Tipperary. What makes this strain popular is the fact that it is easy and straightforward to grow. While its buds are relatively small in size, they remain dense and are covered in resin by the end of the flowering period. Not only that, buds will release intense scents around harvest time, so grower beware.

Grow your own Royal AK
Royal AK is simple to cultivate the plant, causing it to be the most popular because of her exceptional trait. Otherwise known as AK 47, it has time and again been imitated or expended by other seed companies for crosses. Kalashnikova is a cross of AK weed with white widow. It offers an incredibly pure high at the same time as providing the fervent, enduring Indica outcome
Powerful and fruity scent

This herb is of average height, causing it to be a suitable counterpart for miniature indoor plots on the assumption that you can rein in its overpowering, strong scent as it is notorious for its incredibly robust vigor and powerful aromaThe aroma is a mixture of berry fruit, diesel drain, and diesel petroleum. It is recognized to be remarkably constant, churning out dependable outcomes each and every yield. Growers must take added care for scent regulation when cultivating near any individuals. Royal AK grows well in both outdoor and indoor locations.

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