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Black Cherry Maduro

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Black Cherry Maduro is half of this daytime delight. It provides a potent effect without the sedation making it a hit in the narrow realm of daytime Indica strains. The other half of this strain, Black Maduro, is another great way to medicate during the day without losing focus or experiencing a lack of clarity. The terpene profile blends well to deliver a well-rounded, invigorating flavor.

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Buy THC Cannabis in Westport

Firstly, Buy THC Cannabis in Westport, This original Thai variety has given rise to many strains we commonly see on the market today Including Voodoo, Juicy Fruit, and the classic Haze. Thai induces powerful but comfortable effects and has a distinct fruity, citrus aroma. This strain is a challenge for growers outside tropical climates, but greenhouse gardens make this grow possible for experts patient enough for Thai’s long growth cycle and slow flowering.

Black Cherry Maduro x Sour Diesel

Spearhead-shaped pesto green sepals arranged in clustered stacked calyxes. With bursts of dark burgundy pisitls, and supremely covered with above. Average-length, average-stalked trichomes with large heads. Buy THC Cannabis in Westport, THC oil vape for sale Westport, Buy Marijuana vape cartridge Ireland, THC edibles for sale in Burrishoole near me


The post-grind aroma brought to mind a bit more of the. Sour Diesel. With a stronger kick of fresh citrus and an almost floral quality once it settled. This strain is one of those that is a matter of personal preference — most of our crew loved it. But it is a challenging scent like most Chem. and Diesel strains.


The pungent aroma translated directly to the flavor, which again was Chem-dominant, with a Sour Diesel-influenced citrusy finish. Deeply spicy with notes of rubber, skunk, and chemical cleaner on the inhale, the exhale left an almost anise-like flavor on the lips, and a fuely scent in the nostrils. Again, this whole family of strains are a bit of an acquired taste, but Chem and Diesel-lovers will certainly appreciate this example’s flavor.

Concerning Black Cherry Soda
Black Cherry Soda is a striking hybrid strain with the dense flower structure typical of Indica and the cerebral, mobile high more typical of Sativa. As its name suggests, Black Cherry Soda is prized for its distinctive flavor. Buy Marijuana vape cartridge Ireland. but it is also notable for its vibrant hue. While the precise parentage of this strain is unknown, its potency is evident: The THC content ranges between 19 and 30%.
Black Cherry buds are readily identifiable by their color, which can range from green with distinct traces of light purple to a vibrant, uniform dark purple with no trace of green. Additionally, buds have notably fewer orange filaments. The Indica genetics of this hybrid are evident in its sticky, trichome-covered texture and densely packed blossoms. The desiccated buds should have a fruity aroma with berry undertones and a hint of earthiness. This strain truly tastes like a black cherry , with a surprisingly creamy aftertaste observed after the second or third dose.

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