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HashFunky Skunk Sativa Hash

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Funky Skunk HASH

Funky Skunk Hash for sale Ireland, Funky Skunk is a delightful Sativa Dominant Hybrid strain. This Hash is an ideal addition to any packed bowl or bong, adding potency and smoothness to users’ smoking experiences.

Best use
Great for many situations, Funky Skunk Hash will take users on a beautiful journey. Ideal for use before a daytime stroll or a night on the town, this versatile extract is a delightful addition to any day’s smoking. Funky Skunk Hash offers a motivational, uplifting and euphoric high. Buy LSD gel tabs.

Funky Skunk Hash is an aromatic extract, offering users a sweet, cheesy and skunky smoke. A pungent and eye-watering flavour and aroma, this Hash is an extract like no other. Funky Skunk Hash for sale Ireland

This is a medium-strength, Sativa Dominant extract.

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3 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams

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