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Buy Jeeter Peach Ringz Liquid Vape


Jeeter Juice Peach Ringz for sale Order Jeeter Juice Peach Ringz Online Where To Buy Jeeter Juice Peach Ringz Online Jeeter Juice For Sale. Delicately balanced, deliciously assembled, this custom Sativa blend brings something to the table for everyone. Created by combining parent strains Eddy OG and Marion berry Kush, the Peach Ringz strain is a slightly Sativa-dominant vape strain. Moreover, Peach packs a super sweet & slightly sour peachy flavor into each & every toke. The aroma is very similar, although with a touch of spicy flowers to it, too. A resin favorite, this jeeter juice vape brings on a super relaxing high that’s ideal for a night.

Aroma and Taste of Baby Jeeters Peach Ringz

The overall flavor profile of this cannabis vape is a mix of various notes. Smoking this vape releases strong floral notes along with herbal undertones. There is a presence of citrus in both aroma and flavor too, as well as some earthiness that adds another layer. All in all, this is a pleasant weed strain to smoke or ingest in the form of an edible.

The following terpenes are responsible for creating this flavor profile:

  • Limonene – introduces citrus notes
  • Caryophyllene – adds to the citrus flavor and also brings earthy and spicy notes
  • Myrcene – brings herbal flavors
  • Linalool – adds the sweetness of flowers like lavender and violet

Baby Jeeter Liquid Vape Cartridges

Our universally sized cartridges utilize CCELL technology to vaporize our blends of 100% cannabinoids and terpenes. As such, providing long-lasting performance, clean flavors, and leak resistance. Compatible with any 510 threaded battery. Passthejeeter vapes are best enjoyed towards the end of the day. The relaxing, mildly euphoric high has been described by some as body melting, so clear your schedule and start ordering from baby jeeter website.

Peach Ringz Jeeter Vape is to help you relax. Consumers say that they feel euphoric right after having it, forgetting their worries and becoming very happy. They also report a feeling of physical and mental relaxation taking over them. This strong relaxation often leads to sleepiness, making this more of an evening strain. Its THC ratio is just perfect, so it can be consumed by adventurous persons as well.

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